Mountain Goat Mountain Goat Mountain Goat

A mountain goat munches on the glacier lilies, not bothering to pay much attention to the humans tiptoeing around and taking pictures.

Ground Squirrel Ground Squirrel Ground Squirrel

A ground squirrel poses for visitors at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park. I swear, he really was posing. He would hold one photogenic position for a minute, then calmly change to another while the humans danced around to line up the next shot. You could tell this was old hat to him.

Llamas Llamas Llamas

One of my neighbors keeps a few llamas and they trot to the fence everytime I walk by. They seem to be friendly beasts and I'm always tempted to go up and give them a pat. However, I've heard they spit, so I don't. They don't seem to mind posing for me, at any rate.

Old Barn Old Barn Old Barn

This old barn sits on a quiet corner of a field not far from my house. I pass it often on my walks.

Deer in the Yard Deer in the Yard Deer in the Yard

I often have deer wandering through my yard. In the spring I see small fawns with white spots; by late summer, the fawns have grown rapidly into small versions of the adult deer.

Evening Approaches

Sunset in Montana. I have so many of these photos now, but each colorful sunset seems new to me with its own unique beauty.

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All photos are 2003-2007 to M. Anderson

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