Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park

A view of Hidden Lake from the overlook. The trail begins behind the visitors' center at Logan Pass at Glacier National Park.

The Sun Among The Trees A Forest Glade Walking In The Woods

Every now and then you see an area that stands out from the world around it and evokes something you can't quite name. It's almost like a brief glimpse into something enchanted. But the effect is fleeting - the sun shifts position and the illusion of enchantment is gone.

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park

Views of Lake McDonald at Glacier National Park.

Logan Pass, Glacier National Park Logan Pass, Glacier National Park Logan Pass, Glacier National Park Logan Pass, Glacier National Park Logan Pass, Glacier National Park

Views of Logan Pass at Glacier National Park.

Overcast Skies In Autumn Snowcapped Mountains In Autumn Overcast Skies Near Browning

Contrasts again. Sunshine on the autumn leaves or on snowcapped mountains, emphasizing the darkness of the overcast skies above.

Autumn Stream

Sunshine filtering through the golden leaves always seems a bit ethereal somehow.

Walking The Back Roads Meadow At Glacier National Park

When wandering the back roads, often a passage under shady trees gives way to a wide vista of meadow with a backdrop of mountains.

Beargrass In Bloom

Beargrass dots the mountainside as it veers up sharply to the sky.

Tree Growing From Cliff

So which is stronger? The rock for holding up the tree, or the tree for pushing its roots through stone?

Perspective Of Cliffs And Sky

I grew up in a flat region, so cliffs still amaze me. They just go up and up and up....

Dark Skies

I was out snowshoeing with a friend when I took this. It really wasn't as dark as this sky makes it seem. Blue skies are beautiful, but they just aren't as dynamic.

Ghostly Mountains In The Distance

I like to call this effect "ghost mountains." Instead of seeming vivid and close, they appear insubstantial and ghostly.

Spring Meadow Near Browning

This was taken on the east side of the Rocky Mountains between Glacier National Park and Browning.

Full Moon Over Farmland

I keep trying to get good photos of the full moon, but this is the best I've been able to do so far. One of these days I'll get a shot that satisfies me.

Glacier National Park Glacier National Park Glacier National Park

These were taken at various places in Glacier National Park in the late autumn. Once the brightly colored leaves have fallen and before the snow covers everything, the scenery tends to have a lot of grey and brown.

Pool Of Clear Water Pool Of Clear Water

These were taken along McDonald Creek in Glacier National Park at the beginning of winter. Looking at it, you probably wouldn't believe it was about 10 degrees Fahrenheit right then.

Heading Into Whitefish The Big Mountain and Whitefish Lake

The first photo was taken on the main road heading north into Whitefish. The second is Whitefish Lake. Both have the Big Mountain ski resort in the background.

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All photos are 2003-2007 to M. Anderson

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