Disclaimer: All identification of plants is tentative ... meaning it seems to match the photos in my guide books. I'm -fairly- certain of the idents, but I wouldn't bet my life on it. If anyone can make a definitive identification of something I have mislabeled, please email me.

Icicle Fungus

In the back corner of my old yard, there's a ramshackle chicken coop. I've never even looked inside. (I don't want to look inside.) I noticed the icicle hanging off the back edge of the roof one day and took a picture. Then I looked more closely at the fungus growing along the wood over it. It fascinated me that something like that could continue to thrive in the middle of snow, ice and frigid cold. It looked like a tiny jungle.

Pine in the Snow Snow Scene

Two different tableaux that appealed to me for different reasons. I like the sunlight striking part of the little pine as it stands by itself, surrounded by the snow. I also liked the effect of the bare branches spread over the snowdrift in the second scene.

Shadows on Snow Shadows on Snow Shadows on Snow

Shadows on snow is such a subtle picture; the shadows provide pattern, the snow hit by sunlight glitters like diamonds.

Stump in Snow Stump in Snow Stump in Snow Stump in Snow Stump in Snow

I could go on about how stumps in snow are a study in contrasts, or whatever; but heck, I just like how they look.

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