Disclaimer: All identification of plants is tentative ... meaning it seems to match the photos in my guide books. I'm -fairly- certain of the idents, but I wouldn't bet my life on it. If anyone can make a definitive identification of something I have mislabeled, please email me.

Knapweed Knapweed Knapweed

This is a species of knapweed (Centaura genus), which is considered a toxic weed in Montana. If you own property that has this weed on it, you're supposed to eradicate it. I'm not sure how that's done as it's a damned persistent plant. It has interesting flowers, though.

Lodgepole Pine Cones

Developing cones on lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta). The trunks of these trees were used in the past when constructing teepees and lodges, hence the name.

Low Oregon Grape Blossoms Low Oregon Grape Blossoms

This is low Oregon grape (Mahonia repens). I understand the berries of this plant are quite bitter. The leaves also change color, becoming red or purple.

Red Indian Paintbrush Red Indian Paintbrush Red Indian Paintbrush

This is indian paintbrush (Castilleja genus). I've mostly seen orangey-red or scarlet blooms, but they also come in shades of yellow, pink and white.

Happy Mushroom Wild Mushroom Wild Mushroom

Mushrooms are neat. I like mushrooms. And let us have no snide remarks about their phallic symbolism, thank you very much.

Ferns Among The Rocks Ferns Among The Rocks Rocks And Wildflowers Rocks And Wildflowers

I'm often drawn to the contrast between rocks and plants. It just speaks to me somehow, though I'm not sure what it's saying. If I figure it out, I'll let you know.

Serviceberry Blossoms Serviceberry Blossoms

I believe this is western serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia), also known as Saskatoon, Juneberry, and shadbush.

Winter Scene Weathered Stump Lakeshore Stump Flowering Tree And Weathered Stump

More contrasts that appeal to me. I wonder about stumps; why were the trees cut down? When? By whom? They're a tangible remnant of something long past, and it makes me a little sad.

Sticky Shooting Star Blossoms Sticky Shooting Star Blossoms Sticky Shooting Star Blossoms

The common name for these flowers is sticky shooting star - try saying it fast several times if you want to feel clumsy. Otherwise known as Dodecatheon pulchellum; literal translation, "plants protected by the gods." So says one of my guide books, but not why it was named that. If anyone knows, please tell me.

Tropical Bloom

I have no idea exactly what this flower is, besides lovely. Some sort of orchid, perhaps? The picture was taken in Florida years ago. If you can identify it, please let me know.

Woods Violets Woods Violets

These are violets (Viola genus), I don't know the species offhand. They grow all over in the woods, but they're down low and often hidden behind other, taller plants. Finding a cluster of them peeking out from their shadowy niches is a pleasant treat.

Spring Blooms Spring Blooms Spring Blooms

These are wildflowers I am unable to identify from the photos. I probably knew what they were when I took the pictures, but I don't remember now. They're pretty just the same.

Wild Strawberry Blossoms Wild Strawberry Blossoms

These are broadpetal strawberry blossoms (Fragaria virginiana). They grow wild all over the woods and in backyards. The fruits are said to be very sweet, but the birds and wild animals get at them so fast I've never managed to find any.

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All photos are 2003-2007 to M. Anderson

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